Travel Nurse Stories, Resources, and Tips

Travel Nurse Stories, Resources,
and Tips

7 Travel Nurse Influencers & Groups to Follow Now

Are you looking to be inspired, encouraged, and educated by your nursing peers? There are many fantastic travel nursing influencers and groups for RNs looking to tell nursing stories, share lifestyle tips, and connect with other nurses living the #NurseLife.

The online nursing community is thriving, and we’ve created a list of travel nurses and organizations to follow for all kinds of travel nursing content: blogs, podcasts, social media, and more.

Read on for GIFTED Healthcare’s list of travel Nurse influencers and nurse groups to follow now!

The Fabuleux Nurse

Chelsea Wynder, otherwise known as The Fabuleux Nurse, has been a GIFTED travel nurse since 2018.

Chelsea describes her brand as a “balance between beauty and nursing.” Chelsea’s life as an influencer began when she started posting videos advocating for self-care, along with beauty and cosmetics tips. She fell in love with the process and began expanding her online presence. Chelsea built a website and became very active on social media platforms, sharing her experiences as a travel nurse with friends and followers.

Eventually, The Fabuleux Nurse was born, named to honor her Louisiana roots.

“My goal is to show nurses that you can have your cake and eat it, too,” she said. “It’s possible to enjoy a great travel nursing career and still have financial freedom, a healthy work-life balance, and practice self-care.”

Chelsea mostly engages with her audience on Instagram and YouTube. She discusses the pros and cons of travel nursingreviews different brands of scrubs, and even answers questions from her audience.

The Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse is one of the world’s largest travel nursing groups, and their mission is guided by the “3 Cs”: Camaraderie, Collaboration, and Community. According to The Gypsy Nurse, they “help thousands of nurses across the country find travel nurse jobs, evaluate agencies, locate housing, access career resources, and connect with travel nursing friends and colleagues” every day.

The Gypsy Nurse also runs a Facebook group with over 120,000 members, providing a space for nurses of all experience levels to find great travel assignments and discuss the most relevant travel nursing issues.

The Traveling Nurse

The Traveling Nurse was created by K Chandler, a Pediatric RN whose goal is to “provide inspiration and guidance for nursing school, nursing, and medical missions.” On her website and blog, she gives back to the healthcare community by donating medical supplies and sharing nursing lifestyle information.

K also travels the world and has documented her medical mission trips to Kenya and India on her blog. She also curates a fantastic Instagram feed, detailing her nursing life with beautiful photos for her 20,000+ followers.


BluePipes is a professional networking platform for healthcare workers with a mission to provide “access to a professional network with features designed to solve the healthcare industry’s unique career-related challenges.” Although their website offers resources for all healthcare professionals, a large portion of their website is devoted entirely to travel nursing.

BluePipes is a great place for travel nurses to take skills checklists, manage and store documents, improve their resume, and learn about the travel nurse application process. The website also has a Travel Nursing Blog that covers a wide range of topics including travel nurse agency evaluations, pay packages, housing, nurse self-care, interviews with travel RNs, and much more.

Nurse Liz

Nurse Liz is a family nurse practitioner who began her career in MedSurg, pediatric cardiology and thoracic surgery. While studying to become a nurse practitioner, Liz started making YouTube videos to ask questions and get answers about how to “navigate the world of nursing a bit more smoothly.”

Since then, she has expanded into blogging, vlogging, Instagram, and Facebook. Her website is intended to detail the “adventures of a family nurse practitioner,” offering information on everything from studying and clinical education to cooking recipes. Although Liz isn’t a travel nurse, she creates open and honest content that has gained her thousands of loyal followers.

Passports and Preemies

Passports and Preemies was created by Kylee, a solo traveler and NICU nurse who “aims to be a resource and inspiration for solo travelers and nurses everywhere.” Kylee often claims travel to be her source of strength in preventing nurse burnout, and her beautiful blog and Instagram profile cover a wide range of travel nursing topics including the “8-day vacay,” a way to experience destinations while on assignment without using PTO.

At Passports and Preemies, you’ll find beautiful photo galleries of Kylee’s global travels, with destinations including Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. Kylee also offers “Stories from a Solo Female Traveler,” travel nursing tips, interviews on how to avoid burnout, and NICU education.

Vintage Traveling Nurse

Vintage Traveling Nurse is a website and podcast created by travel nurse Mynoucka J. LaFalaise. On her podcast, Mynoucka shares her experiences as a travel nurse specializing in Cardiac, MedSurg, and MedSurg/Tele care.

Vintage Traveling Nurse aims to educate and discuss all things nursing, including nursing school, tips for new nurses, and travel nurse life. You can even stream the podcast on Spotify!

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