Per diem nurse staffing

Find High Quality Per Diem Nurse Staffing Solutions with GIFTED

GIFTED Healthcare makes per diem nurse staffing easy for you. Our top nurse staffing experts source, select, and screen all the best per diem nurses in your area. We take care of every detail from credential reviews and in-depth interviews to training and hiring. Per diem nurses make it possible for hospitals to be adequately staffed at all times. Above all, this guarantees your facility provides the best patient care at any census level.


Benefits of Per Diem Staffing with GIFTED

  • Cost Control: Save time and money by contracting necessary staff whenever you need. Reducing wasted hours ensures the most cost-effective way to ensure patient needs are met.
  • Adaptable: GIFTED Healthcare’s suite of premium services allow you to flex between per diem, local, and travel contracts easily.
  • Adjustable: ake cancellations up to 2 hours before a shift with no penalty.
  • Responsive: Never fear unplanned scheduling gaps again. GIFTED provides compassionate clinicians to meet the facility’s needs regarding permanent staff call-ins and special projects.
  • 24/7 Availability: Our Chief Nursing Officer is on-call whenever you need her. GIFTED provides ongoing training and certification opportunities as well as nurse oversight, monthly usage reports, and personalized proactive scheduling assistance.

Per Diem Nurses Support Facilities With Many Needs

  • Staffing Shortages
  • Bed Closures
  • Unit Transitions
  • Growth & Expansion
  • FMLA Coverage
  • Seasonal Staff Fluctuations
  • EMR Conversions
  • Quality Control Audits
  • Managerial Changes
  • Census Variations

Why Choose Per Diem Nurse Staff?

Beyond availability when you need it, per diem nurses have unique skills to add to your workplace. Our nurses excel in adapting to any environment. Cultural competence refers to knowing how to navigate new settings and environments in just moments in order to provide the best patient care possible. Likewise, GIFTED per diem nurses adjust to new locations and demographics quickly and showcase their ability to connect, communicate, and interact with new people with little to no tension or difficulty.

Diligence – Compassion – Reliability

Healthcare organizations count on GIFTED Healthcare for exceptional team players. Healthcare leaders know GIFTED per diem nurses bring technical skill, compassion, and dependability to every patient. Also, GIFTED Healthcare works collaboratively and puts consistent effort into forming relationships with our clients. We put your needs first and furthermore, offer the most cost-effective options in nurse staffing.

Business needs are constantly shifting: censuses change, departments grow, careers develop. We fix any workforce challenges with our flexibility and reliability. Our staffing solutions are efficient and intuitive. For last-minute staffing needs, hard-to-fill positions, census demands, long and short-term contracts, GIFTED Healthcare responds 24/7.

The GIFTED Staffing Approach

GIFTED takes an individualized and comprehensive approach to provide strategic and creative nursing talent solutions with our partners.

  • Nurse-Passionate: We believe in nurses’ heroic service to patients. The best nurse-client match promises the best patient outcomes for both the hospital and the individual. Creating the best experience for all parties is our goal.
  • Nurse-Founded: GIFTED is owned and operated by nurses. Every decision we make provides the right clinician to fit our clients’ work environment, culture and goals.
  • Nurse-Centric: Because we are nurses, our collaborative staffing solutions maximize the core competencies, talents, and skills of the nurse. Above all. we provide a better ROI for our clients’ investment in nursing expertise and service.

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