ICU Travel Nursing Jobs

Intensive Care (ICU) travel nurses provide critical care to patients during their most vulnerable moments. ICU nursing is an exciting and challenging job in high demand across the United States and involves truly saving people’s lives, acting as a patient advocate to assist physicians with patient-centered, compassionate care. As an ICU travel nurse at GIFTED, you will specialize in treating critically ill patients and making a major difference in their lives.

ICU nursing is one of the country’s fastest-growing professions, and GIFTED will ensure your contract reflects how valuable your ICU RN talents are. At GIFTED Healthcare, our top priority is finding travel nursing opportunities that work best for your career and family. GIFTED offers excellent benefits for travel and per diem ICU nurses, including full health, dental, and vision insurance from day one.


ICU RN Role & Responsibilities

Critical care and ICU nurses have learned the assessment and intervention skills that save lives. Like an Olympic athlete, your timing, training, and precision will help you stay two steps ahead in caring for patients. ICU RNs must gracefully handle the most delicate situations and adapt to meet the challenges of the patient census.

ICU RN responsibilities may include:

  • Continual monitoring of patients in critical condition
  • Delivering regular updates on patient status to physicians, patients, and patients’ famiilies.
  • Advanced use of ventilators and tracheotomy tubes
  • Ensuring that ventilators and other medical equipment functions properly
  • Administer IV’s and medications in coordination with patient care plans
  • Bedside vigilance, critical thinking and ability to make decisions quickly
  • Charting and maintenance of patient records
  • Coordination of patient care plans and educating patients on their care plans
  • Respond to medical emergencies with confidence and critical thinking skills
  • Caring for pre-operative and post-operative patients

Critical care nurses may also have the option to earn overtime (OT) or pick up per diem shifts in their area. GIFTED Healthcare offers licensure reimbursement and weekly or daily pay when applicable.


Become an ICU Travel Nurse with GIFTED Healthcare

GIFTED Healthcare provides ICU travel nurses with great pay, excellent benefits, and travel nursing assignments in top-notch facilities across the United States. Browse our job board below to find the ICU travel nurse assignment you’ve been searching for!

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