PACU Travel Nursing Jobs

Post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) travel nurses, also known as perianesthesia nurses or recovery room nurses, provide high-quality care for patients under anesthesia. As a PACU travel nurse with GIFTED Healthcare, you will be responsible for monitoring and treating patients after operations to ensure they are safely regaining consciousness and health. PACU nurses are often the first person a patient sees after a surgery or procedure, so their ability to display compassion and provide comfort to patients is essential.

Nursing is one of the country’s fastest-growing professions, and GIFTED will ensure your contract reflects how valuable your PACU RN talents are. At GIFTED Healthcare, our top priority is finding travel nursing opportunities that work best for your career and family. GIFTED offers excellent benefits for travel PACU nurses, including full health, dental, and vision insurance from day one.


PACU RN Role & Responsibilities

Post-anesthesia care unit nurses sometimes care for patients who have difficulty regaining consciousness, or encounter problems like pain, confusion, nausea, and respiratory problems. These patients may have difficulty communicating, so PACU nurses must be able to monitor and recognize issues and react quickly to emergency situations.

PACU RN responsibilities may include:

  • Monitoring patient vital signs as they regain consciousness after anesthesia
  • Provide treatment for pain, nausea, breathing issues, or other problems related to anesthesia
  • Display compassion and provide comfort to confused, scared, or worried patients and quickly assess and communicate patient needs
  • Display excellent communication skills and work well on a team of healthcare professionals to create excellent patient outcomes
  • Bedside vigilance, critical thinking and ability to make decisions quickly
  • Educating patients and their families on post-surgery treatment plans
  • Charting and documentation of patient status and progress

PACU nurses may also have the option to earn overtime (OT) or pick up per diem shifts in their area. GIFTED Healthcare offers licensure reimbursement and weekly or daily pay when applicable.


Become a PACU Travel Nurse with GIFTED Healthcare

GIFTED Healthcare provides PACU travel nurses with great pay, excellent benefits, and travel nursing assignments in top-notch facilities across the United States. Browse our job board below to find the PACU travel nurse assignment you’ve been searching for!

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