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10 Outdoor Adventures in New Mexico for Travel Nurses

New Mexico is nicknamed the “Land of Enchantment,” and it’s an excellent location for travel nurses looking to indulge their adventurous spirit.

Wide expanses, brilliant blue skies, and excellent weather year-round make this one of the most beautiful states in the country. New Mexico is also rich in history and is the home of some of the continent’s oldest civilizations, the descendants of which still call the state home today.

Whether you’re looking to be captivated by ancient ruins, gaze in wonder at the natural beauty of the land, or simply to be outside on a wonderful day, here are 10 outdoor adventures for you explore around New Mexico.

Carlsbad Caverns

This geological formation is composed of 120 known caves (with many still to be discovered). It was formed through the carving of limestone deposits beneath an ancient sea thousands of years ago. The Carlsbad Caverns are a must-see while in New Mexico.

White Sands National Monument 

This attraction is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. Shimmering white gypsum sand covers hundreds of miles of territory, surrounded by mountains. The area is also peppered with sand dunes up to 60 ft in high, constantly shifting with the wind.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

 A little closer to civilization, over 80,000 people visit the city every year to witness this unique spectacle. More than 500 balloons participate in the mass ascension, a coordinated simultaneous takeoff of hot air balloons that colors the sky and is sure to take your breath away.

Bandelier National Monument

These thousand-year-old ruins were the former home of the Pueblo people, and visitors can still find original dwellings scattered around the area. The monument is surrounded by dramatic volcanic landscapes and fantastic hiking trails.

Petroglyph National Monument

This monument is notable for the nearly 20,000 petroglyphs located within its boundaries, which were carved in the basalt stone by indigenous people centuries ago. A number of these petroglyphs can be viewed right from the hiking trails themselves.

Taos Pueblo

A New Mexico icon, this settlement contains the oldest continuously inhabited dwellings in the United States. The structures have been standing for over 1,000 years and are constructed of mud bricks and timber roofs.

Cumbres-Toltec Scenic Railway

This railroad continues the legacy of century-old steam-powered train operation in New Mexico. Among the sights are the passage of the 10,015 ft Cumbres Pass and dramatic views of plains, mountains, and all the natural beauty New Mexico has to offer.

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Inside the Gila Cliff there is an unusual sight – 42 rooms in six caves, built into the cliff by Mogollon Native Americans over 700 years ago. Indulge in beautiful views, expansive hiking offerings, and even hot springs!

The Very Large Array

Near Socorro, the Karl G Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) is a colossal radio astronomy observatory located on the Plains of San Agustin. This array is used to observe black holes and other wonders of outer space, and is a spectacle of human engineering and ingenuity.

Chaco Culture National Historic Park

Located northwest of Albuquerque, this park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most breathtaking archaeological sites in the Americas. It was a major center for the Pueblo people hundreds of years ago and was made up of 15 enormous ruins surrounded by scores of smaller buildings.

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