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10 Ways to Make Your Travel Nurse Housing Cozy This Winter

As the weather gets colder, travel nurses (and the rest of us, too) will be spending more time inside. Winter can be a wonderful time for family gatherings and other end-of-year celebrations, but it’s much better if your living space is a pleasant, warm shelter from the harsh weather.

For RNs taking a travel nursing assignment in the colder months, we’ve created a list of ways to make your travel nurse housing more comfortable.

Read on for 10 ways to make your travel nurse housing cozy this winter!

1. Scents of the Season

One simple way to get in the spirit of the season is through the aroma of your home. Winter fragrances like gingerbread, vanilla, or cinnamon will help make your home smell wonderful and wintery.

Lots of companies sell affordable scented candles or scent systems to quickly give your home that extra touch of winter fragrance.

2. Place Area Rugs on Tile & Wood Floors

Tile and wood floors can get cold over the winter. For a quick fix, decorate your floors with soft area rugs to add warmth to any room.

This is especially helpful in bedrooms and bathrooms!

3. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

If you’re trying to keep your living space warm, air flow is essential. The Spruce recommends reversing the direction of your ceiling fans.

Once a fan’s blades are reversed, they push warm air toward the ground and keep it from rising to the ceiling. Tip: Your fan blades are reversed if they are spinning in a clockwise direction.

4. Create a Reading Spot

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than cozying up with a great book in the wintertime. Create a designated spot in your living room or bedroom with your favorite blanket and reading chair.

In the dark, cold months of the year, it’s easy to fall into the habit of binging on TV shows. If you create a reading spot, you’ll have a constant reminder that you have an equally cozy and more stimulating alternative to Netflix.

5. Seal Leaks in Doors & Windows

If your travel nursing destination experiences harsh winters, drafty doors and windows can be a problem. Cold air can find its way through leaks and cracks, immediately ruining the warm and comfortable atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create.

Purchase new seals for cracked doors and windows or invest in professional replacement. Or, for a quick fix, place towels underneath doors and in cracked window seals.

6. Throw Pillows & Blankets

Travel nurses work extraordinarily hard, and they deserve to be extraordinarily comfortable when they get home! You can never have enough pillows and blankets.

Add soft, colorful throw pillows to your living room furniture for extra comfort, and drape your favorite blankets over couches, chairs, and beds for when you need that extra layer of warmth.

7. Soft Light: Lamps & Candles

Making the most of lighting options in your travel nurse housing can be a game changer if you’re trying to create a warm atmosphere this winter. Interior design website Houzz recommends creating layers of light — giving yourself plenty of lighting options for different activities like reading, watching television, playing games, and eating.

Elephant Stock recommends focusing on warmth and glow, and says “a stylish candle or two on the table is a great way to cozy up and brighten up your living room without actually getting hotter. Soft lighting can also add warmth to your living room while making it more inviting.”

8. Decorate with Plants

Outside, the leaves may be brown, but there’s no reason your home can’t be verdant and green in the winter. BestLife recommends bringing home a collection of “easy-to-care-for plants” to make your living space more vibrant. Succulents require very little care and can be a beautiful addition to your home.

In fact, studies have shown that having indoor plants can reduce physical and psychological stress.

9. Heavy Drapes

Upgrading your window curtains with heavy, lined drapes can instantly add warmth to your living space. Depending on what you prefer, your drapes can also add a splash of warm color to your home, creating a bright atmosphere during those long winter nights.

10. Upgrade Your Bedding

When it’s cold outside, a warm and cozy bed can be the ultimate sanctuary. It might be worth it to invest in higher-quality bedding.

According to BestLife, “cotton flannel, velvet flannel, or heavyweight Egyptian cotton sheets are all warm alternatives to your average thin bedding and can make your home cozier (and your sleep a lot more comfortable).”

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